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What’s the role of a physiotherapist?

The role of the Physiotherapist is to asses and provide treatment for common musculoskeletal injuries. Your Physiotherapist will work with other professionals (including GPs, Osteopaths and Massage therapists) to ensure a complete resolution to your pain.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will use a range of techniques from exercise – manual therapy to help improve your pain. We believe our hands on approach and manual therapy skills will help you to achieve a pain free life.

We will educate patient on prevention and maintenance techniques to help prevent re-occurrence of your injury.

Do I need a GP referral before attending Physiotherapy?

No you do not need a GP referral before attending. We can often see you on the day of your injury to ensure that you receive the correct treatment promptly. It is advisable that you are treated sooner rather than later to prevent any secondary problems from developing.

Waiting for a HSE Physiotherapy appointment?

Early intervention in treating your injury is important. If you are thinking of waiting on a HSE appointment you may be waiting a while. It is important that with any injury you have a thorough assessment and begin treatment. This will help you returning to a your normal life quickly. We will help arrange that one of our Physiotherapists will see you as soon as possible in order to get you back on the road to recovery!

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