Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a specialised are of Physiotherapy where specific hands on techniques are used to assess and treat soft tissue and joint structures.

Joint mobilisation, manipulations are forms of manual therapy for our joints. We also have specific manual therapies for soft tissues including soft tissue massage and trigger point release.

  • Joint Mobilisation – A skilled technique applied by a therapist which aims to reduce pain and increase joint mobility. This technique uses repetitive, oscillatory movements and pressure in specific joint direction.
  • Manipulation – A form of joint mobilisation which differs in technique. It consists of 4 stages of set up which will involve applying a ‘thrust’ movement to the joint in aim of increasing joint movement. There is ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’ sensation which is believed to be the release of natural gases produced in the body. However there are some misconceptions behind this theory.
  • Trigger Point Release – Trigger Points are hyper-irritable points in our muscles that can be found in our muscles. They are bands of tension that become painful when they are compressed. Often they may refer pain to the surrounding tissues and be tender on palpation.

These manual therapy techniques aim to reduce pain and restore normal movement. Our Physiotherapists will design a strengthening and flexibility programme to help facilitate and maintain normal function.

At Flood Street Physiotherapy our therapists have completed further studies in some of these techniques including Advanced Osteopathic manipulations and Mulligan’s Mobilisation Techniques.

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