MASSAGE THERAPY During sporting or work based activity muscle tightness will occur and adhesions may develop. These adhesions are bands of tightness in the muscle that occur when muscles are over worked resulting in muscle fatigue and tension.

Massage therapy aims to restore muscle tension, ligament damage and fascia into its original state. It improves circulation and lymphatic drainage removing waste products in our muscles that occur when overloaded. This will remove any unwanted muscle tension, relieving stress and increasing the flexibility of soft tissues.

Massage therapy can be used for those suffering from muscle tension due to sporting activities to those who are sitting at their desk or driving for long periods of time. By maintaining these static postures for several hours our muscles are placed under constant load. These muscles will become tight and cause restrictions in our joint movement. This is why people complain of neck and shoulder pain when sitting for long periods.

After receiving your sports massage your Physiotherapist may provide you with some information and exercises to help maintain the flexibility that the sports massage has achieved.