How to Reduce some of those Sporting Injuries

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It’s the time of year again when the winter football season is kicking off. We see an increase in patients coming into Flood Street Physio complaining of new injuries they have sustained when going back to football training. So we thought what a perfect time to give some of you some simple tips to try and remain on the pitch rather than the side-lines.

Warm ups are an essential part in helping preventing injury and maintaining a good level of play while on the pitch.  There is some confusion amongst players in ‘What are the best exercises to do before a match?’

In recent years we have seen research in showing that Dynamic Stretching/Movement is a priority before sport and that Static Stretching should be avoided.

  • Dynamic Stretching is an active form of movement that takes your body through ranges of motion that will prepare you for the activity you are about to undertake.  This type of stretching will stimulate and prepare our muscles for the activity by warming them up.
  • Static Stretching is a form of stretching where you hold the muscle stretch for approx. 5-15 seconds. This type of stretching relaxes our muscles, thereby causing them to become weakened while in this relaxed state.



There has been an injury prevention programme that has been developed by FIFA to help prevent injuries while on the field. During the research of this study it was concluded that the FIFA 11+ programme reduced football injuries in the recreational players.

Results showed there was a reduction in the most common footballing injuries: hamstring, hip/groin, knee and ankle injuries by 60%, 41%, 48% and 32% respectively.

We have attached some fantastic links that have been carried out by @Leading Edge Physical Therapy to help illustrate these exercises in the table above. Please check out 3 videos below recommended by FIFA 11+ and illustrated by @Leading Edge Physical Therapy that will help you remain off the bench.

Videos links 1 -3:


For further information regarding the exercises recommended by the FIFA 11+ programme please clickhere


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