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What is ‘Runner’s Knee’ or Chondromalacia Patella?

Most of us who have participated in sports and exercise have at least heard the term ‘Runner’s Knee’ being used all too often. Runner’s knee is clinically known as Chondromalacia Patellae or Patellofemoral Syndrome.

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Runner’s knee involves the breakdown of cartilage. This will either occur on the inner surface of the knee cap or on our thigh bone (known as femur).  This differs to that seen in Osteoarthritis which is an ageing degeneration process. Runner’s knee occurs when there is change to the structure of the cartilage due to excessive loads.

What causes ‘Runner’s Knee’ or Chondromalacia Patella?

Some sports that involve excessive use of the knee including running, hill walking, and weight bearing activities such as squatting there is a repetitive loading which can wear down the cartilage at the back of the knee cap.

A common cause that may result in Runner’s Knee will include an abnormally positioned knee cap.

Normally, the knee cap will sit perfectly in grooves at the bottom of the thigh bone. The knee cap is held in place with the surrounding muscles and soft tissues. At times these structures can become tight and pull the knee cap causing it to sit outside of its normal position. This can therefore cause wear and tear to the knee causing irritation to the joint.

Other factors that will affect the knee include:

  • Hip Abnormalities
  • Ankle Injuries
  • Foot deformities – overpronation

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