Exercises to help reduce injury; 3 Quick exercises while you wait

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Looking for some quick exercises to help reduce your risk of injury; Modern day lifestyles seem to be getting busier as the days go by! Between working full time and spending time with those around us there seems to be little time for ourselves sometimes. The balance between this can affect our general well-being.

So we thought why not provide you with three simple exercises that you can do while your simply waiting for your coffee.

These include:

1. Single Leg Balance:

Balance is important in:

  1. Reducing falls
  2. Can improve your cognition
  3. Performance enhancement of your chosen sport/activity
  4. Reducing injuries particularly ankle and knee sprains

Whether you are out for a run, standing on the bus or simply just walking around the shops our balance and proprioception is important in our daily tasks.

To perform:

  • Find a point and focus on it.
  • Maintain your balance while standing on one leg for 20 seconds.
  • You may repeat this exercise a few times.
  • To make it more difficult you can close your eyes.

(NB: If your balance is poor stand near a surface with your and hovering above it).

2. Calf Raises – Bent Knee Single Heel Raise

Our calf consists of 2 muscles (Gastrocnemius & Soleus) they are an integral component in our sports performance. Many athletes complain of increased tension or cramping in their calf muscles.

The Soleus (lower calf muscle) takes up to 6 times our weight of force compared to the upper calf (Gastrocnemius) which takes up to 1.5 times.

To isolate the lower calf, we carry out a Bent Knee Single Leg Heel Raise.

To Perform:

  • Stand on one Leg
  • Slightly bend your knee.
  • Maintain your balance and raise your heel off the floor while maintaining your knee bend.
  • Control this movement, repeat 5-10 times.

3. Shoulder Blade ‘Squeeze’

Our Shoulder blades move in 4 directions. This is important in the movement of our shoulder and also reducing our neck pain. Nowadays, many of us are sitting at computers or in postures we are suffering from similar pain symptoms. A common posture seen with people sitting for long periods a forward head and shoulder position. This happens the muscles between our shoulder blades and our spine can become weak and therefore overloaded easily.

To Perform:

  • Standing with your arms by your side
  • Gently draw your shoulder blades back towards each other (squeeze them gently).
  • Imagine you are trying to move them down into your back pockets.
  • Hold approx. 5-10seconds, repeat 5 times.

(NB: This is a subtle movement so don’t over strain the movement)


If you are experiencing any discomfort with these exercises or with daily living, you will greatly benefit from a consultation from our Chartered Physiotherapists at Flood Street Physio.

For more information or to book your appointment please call us on 091 456 086 or you may use or online booking system by clicking here BOOK NOW


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